Free Quality DIY Printables

Image courtesy of Vale Design

Blog hopping brought me to the website of Vale Design, a design freebie website owned by Erin Vale. Erin is a packaging and branding designer and she uses this website to promote her merchandise that she sells on Etsy.

However, Erin also offers plenty of free DIY printable stuff on this site from To-Do lists to notepads, cards, file folders, address labels, coloring pages, etc; just about anything that could be printed that you could think about.

Frankly, I am very tempted to print out her designs since I have a very good printer but I am thinking of the ink that I would be wasting. Good printers run on expensive ink! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just BUY Erin’s products from her Etsy page? LOL Anyway let me know if you have found Erin’s designs useful.

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