Download Free Coldplay Live Album Left Right Left Right Left

Image courtesy of Coldplay

I actually have known of Coldplay’s freebie offer of a downloadable live album called Left Right Left Right Left a long time ago but somehow forgotten to blog about this freebie. I remembered only when a friend shared his video with me that he uploaded to YouTube. I checked my download of Left Right Left Right Left and was horrified to discovered that it was months ago!

Anyway, I checked the website of Coldplay and am glad to know that this freebie is still available so it’s still not too late. Many people are confused with the genre of music that Coldplay plays. I will say that they are Alternative/Soft Rock, but I may be wrong.

Take a listen to this album and decide for yourself. The following tracks are on the live album, which I understand that copies of it are also given away to concert goers until the end of the year.

Left Right Left Right Left (Live Album) – Coldplay

01 – Glass of Water
02 – 42
03 – Clocks
04 – Strawberry Swing
05 – Hardest Part / Postcards from far Away
06 – Viva La Vida
07 – Death will never Conquer
08 – Fix You
09 – Death and all his Friends

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