Cute Twitter Backgrounds

Image courtesy of Cute Backgrounds

I don’t even use Twitter that much and even if I do, it’s via my mobile phone or iPhone and I don’t use the Standard view so I cannot see the background or colour of my profile. I use Twitter primarily to feed my Facebook status but I do sometimes log into my Twitter account via the computer.

I did this morning and out of boredom, decided to change the background of it. I did a search for cute Twitter backgrounds and came upon this website called, what else but Cute Backgrounds, and seriously, I love so many of them I decided to feature the website on my blog.

I have to admit though, that although I now have a new background for my Twitter profile, I did not grab the background from Cute Backgrounds. My background is also cute but I got it from a sister site of Cute Backgrounds. Perhaps I will feature them next. Stay tuned.

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