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Image courtesy of My Tweet Space

Although I registered Twitter a long time ago, I think it was almost as soon as Twitter was launched, I have to say that my account is totally under utilized. However, lately, I started using Twitter, and because I use Facebook more than Twitter, I feed my Twitter updates to my Facebook status. I know some people hate this but these are my accounts and I do what I like with them, within the boundaries of law, of course.

I have been using one of the ready made Twitter backgrounds all these while but I have been thinking that since I use Twitter more, it is time to customize it. I really have no idea how many people visit my Twitter page, since if you follow me, you don’t even have to go to my page to read my updates, right?

Anyway, chanced upon this website called My Tweet Space which allows us to generate and customize our own Twitter background for free. They have quite a few quality twitter backgrounds to select from but to get started you would have to register with the website first to use their tools.

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