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Wow, I didn’t realise that it has been a week since I last updated this blog. Has it been that long already? SIGH, guess I procrastinated yet again. Tee hee! But worry not! Today, I am bringing you something awesome, a little controversial but heh… it’s not like I have never been controversial before.

Visit the link I have provided in this post to get your free condoms. Yes, you heard right. This is a campaign to get people educated on safe sex by using protection in the form of condoms in an effort to prevent and control the spread of the AIDS virus.

Do note that free condoms are only available to individuals in the United States and Canada AND governmental and non-profit organizations around the world. But then even if you do not qualify for a free pack of LOVE condoms because of your geographical location, at least you could learn the importance of condoms from this website!

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