Free Pirate Code Booklet

Image courtesy of Golden Age Stories

A friend told me that if I change the language on Facebook, there is an option to select Pirate’s English. I didn’t bother to check if this was true or how my Facebook page would turn out to be if I did select that as my default language. I wouldn’t understand it, anyway.

If you, unlike me, have an inner pirate in you, here’s something that should interest you courtesy of Golden Age Stories. I once featured Golden Age Stories before when they offered a free Golden Age ebook, L. Ron Hubbard’s The Devil’s Rescue. Well, now they have another freebie in the form of a high quality 21-page Pirate Code booklet.

If the true history of pirates tickles your fancy, you may want to request for a copy of this booklet. Unfortunately, you will need to be in the United States and of course, you will be automatically signed up for their newsletter.

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