Cross Stitch Freebies

Image courtesy of Yiotas XStitch

Cross stitch remains one of my favourite hobbies though I have to concede that I do not have the time to indulge in it like I used to. The projects that I take on are mostly rush jobs and one could see that it was rushed. No, not nice at all.

For my friends who do have the time even with a few kids to take care of, wherever they find time?, they tell me that cross stitching is highly therapeutic. I don’t think so, I get stressed out when I have to undo my stitches. Hahaha!

Yiotas XStitch is an online retailer that deals in everything cross stitch but worry not, they have a huge collection of cross stitch freebies that we could download for personal use. Do note that we are not allowed to redistribute these freebies or use them on projects that are meant to be sold.

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