Free Malaysian Soundfont

Image courtesy of Music Mall Asia

While searching for freebies this morning, I stumbled upon this rather unique freebie. I don’t think I have featured anything like this before. Well, I have featured sites that offer soundfont before, surely, but never Malaysian soundfont.

If you are looking for Malaysian soundfont specifically, Music Mall Asia has a good collection of most Malaysian musical instrument from Gambus, Rebab, Canang, Gong, Kesi, Angklung, Gendang, Serunai, Seruling, Rebana, Gedombak, Geduk and even Erhu.

Oh yes, before downloading these music files, do read the copyright information first. You should know that these are only for personal use and strictly non-commercial. Too bad I have no use for these but I still downloaded them just to listen to the various musical sounds of these Malaysian instruments.

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