Free Twitter Backgrounds & Themes

Image courtesy of TwitBacks

I have been searching for more ways to make money online and discovered that there are people making money off Twitter. I think that it’s awesome to be able to make some money doing what we love. And I believe many of us are addicted to Twitter, right? I tell you, with Twitter, I sort of cut down on my text messaging already. Saves me lots of money there!

Anyway, the first thing to do to make money off your Twitter, after creating an account, is to change your Twitter background. If you have Twitter, I am sure you know how limited their range of free background is. Worry not. TwitBacks has a good selection of backgrounds and themes that we could use; just change the text and font. If you like the challenge, you could create your own customize Twitter theme too, and all for free!

Check out the link to TwitBacks and grab a free Twitter background or make your own Twitter theme. Free, of course!

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