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While one of my favorite online casino games is Poker, my sister’s favorite online casino game is Slots. I like to think of slots as a “no brainer” game because there is practically nothing to study or research on. One could just jump in and play. For people who do not have confidence playing slots, though, they could try their hand playing free slot machines first until they are familiar with the game. I am sure they would be playing real slot machines in no time.

Although Slots could easily be the easiest game to play, it could offer great payouts too. Did you know that when my sister was playing in Las Vegas casinos, she used to earn her Las Vegas vacations with money won from slots machines? Some people have all the luck!

Although my favorite online casino game is not slots, if I do decide to play slots, I would play the fruit machines. I don’t know why in particular. Maybe I just like the colorful graphics. Anyway, if you would like to try your luck playing slots, you may want to read up on slots on Monkey Slots. There are various slot machines, of course, and I think you should know which online casinos offer the best slot bonuses!

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