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Even though I have been interested in online casinos for the past 1.5 years, playing in them and reading up on casino news and reviews regularly, I have never taken the trouble to check up on how online casinos actually work. Lately, a friend has been telling me that he is in the process of setting up an online gaming portal and asked me to lend a hand. I was ecstatic to be offered this opportunity, of course.

Something new I learned today from the online casino guide, Gamble Craft, is that while it is illegal for some casinos to accept US online casino players, come casinos continue to allow US online players to sign up. This is because they are using the Microgaming software.

For your information, Microgaming Casinos could allow this because they are a private company. Still, due to different US State laws, there are eleven states in the United States that Microgaming software could not be used. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

By the way, besides reviews of leading online casinos, best online casinos, casino news and casino software, Gamble Craft also has a general guide on the basic principle of probability which one could apply as a strategy in any online casino game plan. If you are serious in your casino gaming, you should check this guide out.

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