Free Bill Blass Fragrance Sample

Image courtesy of Bill Blass Fragrances

Fragrances are always very well received even though it may just be a small sample I guess it is because of the high price that branded fragrances are normally sold t. I tell you, sometimes you have to wonder if it’s worth buying them because of the humongous price tag but there will always be ladies who are rich enough to afford them. No wonder they smell so ice all the time.

Today, I am bringing you a free fragrance sample from Bill Blass. As you probably know, Bill Blass is a well known designer. I used to watch him and his fashion shows on TV but that was a long time ago. He has now expanded his range of products to include fragrances.

To get your hands on Bill Blass fragrance, select one of the samples; Couture 1, Couture 3, Couture 6, Couture 7 and Bill Blass Women. Sorry, this freebie sample is only available for US residents. BAH!

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