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As you know, as a semi-pro blogger, I am continuously on the lookout for fresh new Blogger layouts and WordPress themes. While blog hopping, I chanced upon this new WordPress themes from a local Malaysian blogger, Kai Loon Although there are only a handful of free WordPress themes on this site, ThemeTation, I have to say that I already downloaded one. You know how high standard I am, don’t you?

Too bad I do not have the time yet to upload the theme to my server and try it out. I would like to spend a little more time to customize each theme I use to fit my requirements and I do hope that ThemeTaton’s theme CryBook will be able to provide me with what I want. It’s just too bad that I do not know a lot more CSS!

If you are like me, looking for WordPress themes and Blogger layouts but can’t seem to find the “perfect” one, check out ThemeTation and see if they have what you like.

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