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I am not a skateboarder but when I chanced upon this website, Fat Boned, I was delighted because my friend has a few sons who are avid skateboarders who represent the State in skateboarding competitions.

I thought that I will let them know about this new community website for skateboarders so that they could mingle with skateboarders from around the world and learn something new from them, share ideas, thoughts and also tricks!

Fat Boned is giving away free t-shirts to users who are willing to test their website that is now in Beta. If you would like an invite, you are required to fill out a form to request for one. I guess if you are one of the lucky people to be selected, you will receive a free t-shirt.

It is not stated if this freebie is available worldwide but if you are outside the United States, there’s no harm trying, right?

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