Free Condoms, Maybe

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Every once in a while I come across oddball freebies from my daily search on the internet for freebies, giveaways, samples and other cheapskate promotions. Today, I get to know of this free condom website. Now, there is a catch, though. If you want free condoms, you will need to sign up with their affiliate programs, collect points and then redeem free condoms.

I don’t like to sign up to affiliates, especially those that are on trial because it is not going to be easy to cancel your subscription or membership. The real free ones are OK, though. Now, I what I do not understand is why would anyone want to go through all the trouble for free CONDOMS? Are they so expensive? Could one wait for free CONDOMS to be delivered?

I am sure you know that I have my own ecommerce store and there was once that I contemplated selling condoms too but a friend told me that shipping would be a problem due to heat which could damage the rubber of condoms and if the condoms leak, I would have lawsuits on my hands. Think about it.

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