Free Beautiful WordPress Themes From Jauhari

Image courtesy of Jauhari

In my search for beautiful WordPress themes that are clean and neat, I stumbled upon the blog of this Indonesian designer called Jauhari. I have to say that he has a pretty large collection of WordPress themes that would be suitable for any kind of WordPress powered blog. No matter if you have a personal blog, a business or enterprise blog or a magazine style blog, Jauhari has just the right WordPress theme for you.

I have bookmarked his blog and you know, with more than ten WordPress blogs, I expect to use one of his themes someday soon!

The only problem with Jauhari’s blog is that viewing with Internet Explorer, his blocks of ads on his sidebars are all out of alignment. There is no such issue browsing from Firefox, though. This is an issue that I believe, as a WordPress theme designer, he should have it rectified as soon as possible.

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