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I was chatting with a friend who wanted to start online gaming as a hobby. Well, as you know, although there are people who play at online casino full time, or professionally, we really should not depend on it as a livelihood. To me, online gaming is just another form of entertainment. And that is what it should be for everyone.

So my friend was asking for my opinion on the best online casinos. I don’t have experience with every major online casino but I did point him to a handful of respected online casino review websites so that he could read for himself, compare and then decide. He would also be able to see for himself the casinos that would be paying the highest bonus and give him more bang for his “investment.” I am of the opinion that although we are only taking it as entertainment, we still should only go with online casinos that would give us the best benefits.

More importantly, I told him to check out Casino Scrutiny for the latest casino news. I reminded him that if he wants to be in the game, he must be in the loop for the latest developments on online gaming, no matter if he plays for fun only, or for big time win. Don’t you think so?

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