Our Good Naymz

As someone who spends a considerable amount of time online, I notice that social networking is become more and more important. It is a great way to get our name or service out too. Also, most people have now gotten into the habit of checking the names of people online, especially people whom they have just met.

Naymz is a social reputation website that allows us a platform to bring out our good name. No matter if you are a free member or a paid member, once signed up, you can start to beef up your profile with real information that you would like others to know about. You can also provide references. The administrators of Naymz will randomly assign a reputation score to member profiles.

As an example, the RepScore of Dan Neumeister is TWO. If not mistaken, the maximum RepScore is TEN.

Oh yes, by the way, the tagline of Naymz is “Empowering Reputable Professionals” but I am not sure if membership is limited to professionals only. If it is, then I would not be eligible to sign up!

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