World’s Largest Virtual Closet

Spending so much time online, I thought that I have seen most websites already but today, I was introduced to this website called, a virtual closet with over a million outfits in its database ready for us to mix and match.

What really is, is a website where members upload photos of their clothes so that everyone could use these images of clothes to mix and match to find the perfect outfit, or to describe an outfit. I am amazed that members contributed photos of so many articles of clothing and it looks like the site continues to grow with newly added clothes everyday.

Each match of top and bottom to create an “outfit” will automatically generate three different sets of codes that we could use to embed it in our website, blog or MySpace. I have mixed a top and bottom and have also embedded it in this post just for fun.

If you have some time now, why not visit to make and share virtual outfits? I had a great time there and I am sure you would too. Remember, there are over a million clothing items and each mix seems better than the last. It was pretty difficult for me to select ONE outfit to embed in my post!

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