Win Nintendo Wii

Here’s a little good news for people who are aiming to WIN a Nintendo Wii, instead of buying it. I know, game consoles are supposed to be NO GOOD. And Nintendo Wii is supposed to be worse than the PS3, according to PS3 fans, that is! Whatever the case, if it is free, just TAKE IT!

Image courtesy of Upstairs

Unfortunately, this drawing with Nintendo Wii up for grabs is only open to legal residents of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Good luck to you if you are participating in this contest! Just fill up the form to subscribe to the mailing list of Upstairs and be eligible for the contest!

Nintendo Wii

If you are outside of these four countries, like me in Malaysia, tough luck then. Let’s hope that there are some other companies that would giveaway Nintendo Wii as a prize in a simple contest. Is that too much to hope for? I don’t think so!

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