Free Latino Recipes

Image courtesy of Goya Food Inc.

I started a recipe blog earlier this week and when I showed it to my friend, he asked me where I copied those recipes from. Hey, I did not copy them from anywhere but what I did was just transfer these recipes from my collection of recipes that I have collected through the years.

In my collection, I have plenty of recipe cards, recipe booklets and recipes that I have clipped from newspapers and magazines. I also have plenty of hand-written recipes that were passed down from my grandmother.

For the purpose of this post, I decided to look for a recipe website. For a change from the kind of recipes that are in my collection, I decided to check out something different which led me to the website of Goya Food Inc.

Here is one of the most comprehensive databases of Latino recipes. Gosh, just looking at the food photos has made me hungry! If you would like to try something different, check out the website of Goya. I am sure preparing them would be a challenge!

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