Everest Poker

My friend, Michelle, is really a modern mother. The other day, I was shocked when she told me that she plays poker at home with her children! Well, I guess when she spends time playing poker online, she will inevitably introduce poker to her children too.

Although I have visited quite a few online poker rooms, my knowledge is not as extensive as Michelle’s. Today, I got to know of Everest Poker. I wonder if she already knew about this online poker room.

From what I could see, Everest Poker bonus is one of the highest at US$100, but only after making a deposit. This Everest bonus is a welcome gift to all new members.

Unlike most other professional poker rooms, Everest Poker has a training room for new poker players to hone their poker playing skills before joining the big boys and playing for money.

Also, the reason Everest Poker is one of the fastest growing international online poker room is their support for most major international languages. This means that poker players from around the world would be able to enjoy playing at Everest Poker in their native language.

Many veteran online poker players have mentioned that Everest Poker has their very own software so playing here would serve as a new experience. While some people would prefer to play at larger rooms, those who are new would appreciate the slower pace of poker games here so it is not that difficult to turn a profit.

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