The Dark Knight [2008]

I know that many people are eagerly looking forward to the opening of The Dark Knight, mainly because it stars the late Heath Ledger, who was propelled into stardom by his portrayal of a homosexual cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. This is the last movie from him and movie fans know that if they do not watch this, they will never ever get to watch Heath Ledger anymore. And I have insider news that Heath Ledger, as Joker, did an even more amazing job than Jack Nicholson in Batman Begins. So yes, if you do not know yet, The Dark Knight is a sequel to Batman Begins.

I tell you, as a movie buff myself, I am already checking out The Dark Knight movie times, so that I can clear my calendar and go watch this at its first run. I definitely will not be missing this; not because of Heath Ledger, though, but for Christian Bale, the Batman! I have watched so many Christian Bale movies but I can’t seem to get enough of him. He is just an amazing actor!

I am also eager to watch Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes and see how well she compares to Katie Holmes who did very well in Batman Begins too.

Oh, by the way, The Dark Knight will open on 18th July, 2008, so, we’ll see you at the cinemas! Meanwhile, go check out synopsis, movie times, fan reviews, movie photos and trailer from Fandango!

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