Free Zippo Lighter

Image courtesy of Zippo

Zippo is a highly popular lighter brand name that even a non-smoker like me knows. What makes Zippo so popular, I do not know, though. Is it the design? Is it the material? Is it because it’s windproof? I don’t know but I do know that there are people who are crazy enough about Zippo to collect them! While some of us collect stamps, coins or QSL cards, there are others who collect Zippo lighters LOL

Zippo is giving away four free lighters every month until 2010 for promotional purposes. Each Zippo lighter that is given away will be engraved with a web address that everyone could see when you take your Zippo lighter out.

So how do you win a free Zippo lighter? Just submit a form at their website with your valid particulars and wait for the announcement of four winners per month! Do you want a free Zippo lighter? If you do, GOOD LUCK!

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