Freaky Freddie’s Funhouse Games

Image courtesy of Freaky Freddie’s

Who does not love a free game now and then, especially when the game has prize money up for grabs? I have known of Freaky Freddie’s for a long time now but I just found out that they have a game portal that dispenses cash prizes I was a little surprise that last month, they already gave a way slightly more than US$100,000. Hhmmm I want a piece of that action, I tell you!

From what I see, they have two type of games on their site; Money Wheel and Banko. These are web-based no-download games. Must as I would like to play and win myself some cool cash, it looks like Freaky Freddie’s Funhouse Games are only for residents of the United States. Oh well, rules are rules.

If you are in the United States, why not try your luck? How cool is it to get money just plying games?

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