Free Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy Calculator

You probably have learnt of my fascination with Poker. Well, being able to play the game is another issue altogether, though! I believe that if my friends to teach me the tips and tricks of Poker playing, I would be a better player. I am someone who learns faster being shown, than reading a book by myself.

The other day, I was told of this Free Texas Holdem Poker Strategy Calculator. From what I see, this is a computer software that we can download for free and use without limits. While some similar softwares are actually shareware, trial wares or only demo software, this is a fully-functional software that allows us unlimited use.

Although it looks like a pretty good “weapon” to have against our opponents at the Poker table, since this is a computer program, I do not see how we can use this WHILE we are playing Poker. Do we bring along our laptop or something? Perhaps the developers need to make a version for the Apple iPhone.

If you would like an advantage at the Poker table, download this free Texas Hold’em poker strategy calculator and let me know how well it works for you.

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