Free Organic Pet Food Sample

Image courtesy of Yarrah

As the owner of two senior dogs who are into their 14th year now, I try to give them the best so that their health keeps up. To tell you frankly, it is a bit of a financial strain to feed them both different kinds of food to suit their health conditions. Their food and supplements are all imported and they don’t come cheap.

Anyway, I was told that there are not only organic food for humans but also for pets now so I decided to check out if there are free organic pet food samples that I could request. Well, that was how I stumbled upon the website of Yarrah, the manufacturer of organic pet food.

IO have not heard of Yarrah before prior to this since this brand name is not sold in Malaysia and it is just too bad that in the long list of countries that they ship their samples to, they have decided to leave out Malaysia.

In any case, I hope that this offer is beneficial to my fellow pet owners who happen by my blog.

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