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Sports is huge in America and baseball is undeniably the most popular sports there. Children grow up playing baseball, in junior leagues and dream of a career in baseball playing in the major league. Did you know that some majpr league baseball players aer paid millions of dollars just to “play ball”?

Just this morning, I was chatting with a friend and he told me that he has to start saving money already because of the tickets he will be buying this baseball season. Aw…. I thought that if he wants to watch them so badly, he should buy the tickets early. However, it looks like he does not want any baseball ticket, but premium Houston Astros Tickets.

A place that I know you can get your rare premium Houston Astros tickets is at I was surprised that this company has been in business for fifteen years already!

How much is a ticket to a game by the Houston Astros? It all depends on how much you are willing to pay. It looks like is able to offer the best tickets of Houston Astros games. From what I could see, the cheapest ticket $35 and the more expensive ones are over $100. However, I have come across many major sports tickets selling way above $1000.
Will you be watching any live baseball games this season? If you are, which is your favorite team?

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