$15 ServerPronto Rebate Coupon

The other day, when my friend found out that I run quite a few blogs and websites, in addition to my ecommerce store, he commented that I must be crazy and wondered aloud how I could afford it. Well, that just shows that he did not pay attention to my blogs postings. I mentioned numerous times that I buy all my domains and renew them with coupon codes. Likewise, my hosting packages.

Today, I have a ServerPronto Coupon to share. This coupon is open to everyone and is worth US$15 and is paid once you have purchased a product from ServerPronto. If you are a serious blogging, hosting looks like a good buy and don’t forget your $15 rebate which makes the prices really attractive.

Please note that this rebate coupon is only valid through the end of April, 2008 so there’s not much time to make your decision!

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