The Woman Who Lost 180lbs

Did you read about the woman who was 300lbs and spent two years exercising and dieting and lost a total of 180lbs to be a slim 120lbs? She became so popular that she has achieved celebrity-like status.

According to reports I read, because of the massive amount of weight she lost, she had to undergo plastic surgery to remove the access skin. I don’t remember what that procedure is called. Is it thermage? Out of the total of 180lbs lost, I wonder how much weight those excess skin carried!

This woman has shown us that with determination, we can achieve what we set our hearts on. I understand that it is not easy to lose weight, let alone lose 180lbs! She is a shining example and an idol now to so many people who are struggling with weighty issues!

Talking about fat and weight, I know I need to do something about myself before I balloon up to 300lbs. Eeekk!!

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