Extra Poker Bonus From Internet-Poker.co.uk

While I have visited many poker sites and poker review sites on the internet, yesterday I got to know of another poker review site with a difference. I am not sure if you have heard of Internet-Poker.co.uk before but this is a professional poker review site, reviewing UK, Canada and US poker sites.

You may wonder how different this review site is from other poker review sites. While Internet-Poker.co.uk also gives us the low-down on the various online poker sites including their bonuses, pay rates, real poker room ambiance, graphics, friendly customer service and players and more importantly, which are the US online casinos, what you will find here on http://www.internet-poker.co.uk is ADDITIONAL bonus that is exclusive to users of Internet-Poker.co.uk.

For example, if you access these poker rooms and enter the bonus codes that you received from Interent-Poker.co.uk, you will receive more bonus than other players who do not have the bonus code. This is all the more reason why you should check out Internet-Poker.co.uk or lose out, right?

Besides poker reviews, games and news, there is a comprehensive guide on poker deposit options to these casinos, particularly useful if you are a poker player currently residing in the United States.

I think that if you are serious in your online poker games, you should read through the informative articles on Internet-Poker.co.uk. Don’t think that you already know all the online poker sites so it’s a waste of time because this site will keep you updated with new bonus structures and other poker news that as an online poker player, you MUST know about!

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