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If you are a chronic online shopper, then I am sure you would have discovered the joys of shopping with online coupon codes. If you have not, then I tell you, you have spent more than necessary on your purchases already.

Do you know that since I made my first online purchase with a discount code, I have not once bought anything online without using a discount code? Heh…..Now, either I buy something after stumbling upon a good promo code, or I will actively look for a coupon code after I have decided to purchase something online.

Do you think that with all these coupon codes that I have saved a lot of money? Sure I did, but then I have been SHOPPING more than ever with my savings!

Rather Be Shopping is a coupon site that I came across a couple of days ago. You know, there are so many coupon sites on the web, I am sure there will always be the coupon that you are looking for. You just need to spend some time to search!

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