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Image courtesy of G Major Music Theory

It’s very weird that although we have a piano and guitar at home, I was never sent to music classes. My older brother and sister went to music school though, albeit only at elementary level because by the time I was old enough to go, my parents could no longer afford the lessons.

Yesterday, while looking for something online, by chance, I came upon this site called G Major Music Theory that offers free music lessons for piano and guitar. If you are just starting on the piano or guitar, this site also have music for beginners.

For each piece of music, you can download the music sheet in .pdf formal or listen to the audio clip to give you an idea of how the music sounds like.

A friend asked me why do I search all over the internet looking for free stuff to post on my blog without compensation. Well, I believe in helping to spread the word if something free is beneficial to people.

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