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I only became interested in mobile fun when I bought my Nokia E61i. The screen is so large and Nokia is very customize friendly. However, my mobile device, a Nokia E61i, is an enterprise unit and really, there is not much that I could do to my device. However, I still did search online for quite a while, that’s why I came across so many websites that offer free mobile fun like sreensavers, wallpapers, themes and games. is a website that provides these freebies. As far as I can see there is no need for registration with the website and we could just grab whatever we want from visiting the site with our WAP enabled phone. it is supposed to be free but you will have to pay for your data charges.

You can also request for your desired wallpaper via SMS but this is not a free service. Of course not. Whatever it is, this site hosts plenty of high quality mobile content that you may want to check out, if you are looking for content for your mobile device!

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