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I received a message from the owner of Free Cell Phone Wallpapers yesterday who asked me if I would feature his website on my blog. I had to check first if they are offering anything free for real. Anyway, you can see that I agreed, for free. I must be getting old 😀

Free Cell Phone Wallpapers, as you can see from the name of the site, offers free wallpapers for your cell phones. But that’s not all. They also offer free screensavers, free ringtones, free mobile games, free mobile videos in 3GP format, and interestingly, they also have free mobile dating.

I caught the words “Bon Jovi” and as you know, I am a great Bon Jovi fan, so I thought that I would snag a couple of Bon Jovi wallpapers. They do have cool Bon Jovi wallpapers but then it is too bad that they do not currently support my mobile devices: Nokia E61i and Apple iPhone.

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your mobile device, perhaps you would like to check out this website.

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