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I was told that my neighbors were drug addicts. Well, can you imaging, TWO brothers being addicts? I believe the parents were very disappointed with them. Now that they are in their 50s, probably, they are not able to hold a job for long. I guess it is because of their background and history in drug abuse even though they seem to have already become clean.

Just now, I was told of a blog the is a group effort with stories shared by former drug, alcohol and other substance abuse to help people in the same predicament and let them know that there is help out there if only they seek it and have the will to change things for themselves.

Like I mentioned, this blog on drug and alcohol rehab is a collaborative effort and the administrators are always looking for people who have stories of triumph to share. Well, we all need stories like that to motivate us even if we are not addicts!

Oh yes, I would just like to point out that this is a mobile blog. I don’t know why they decided on a mobile blog instead of a regular blog. I would like to try viewing this blog later with my mobile devices but even if you do not want to read blogs on your mobile phones, this blog can be rendered perfectly on your computer as well.

If you are looking for stories of inspiration and motivation, do check out this Alcohol Rehab Mobile Blog.

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