Free International Calls & iPod From iConnectHere

I am always on the look out for free calls. This is the only way I can reduce my telephone bill. I got to know that iConnectHere, a global internet phone service has a great call plan where monthly subscription is only $29.99 and we will be able to call the world for free! Tell me this is not the best thing since slice bread!

There’s more good news. Sign up with iConnectHere and get $30 sign up bonus so that effectively means that your first month of subscription is free.

To top off this deal, iConnectHere is also offering an Apple iPod in a monthly sweepstakes to all site visitors, even if they are not customers of iConenctHere. errrr there’s no mention if this sweepstakes is open to worldwide residents, though. If you have always wanted to win an iPOD, fill in your details and keep your fingers crossed.

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