Free 14-Day Trial of Rhapsody To Go

Image courtesy of Rhapsody

I am sure every music-loving web user has heard of Rhapsody. If you have not then you must have been living in a cave haha! Did you know that Rhapsody has a 14-day free trial of music downloads where we get to download five free songs during this trial period on top of having full access to the Rhapsody music player.

After this trial period, if we do not cancel our subscription, we would be billed US$14.99 per month. Just so you know, downloading of songs is a separate charge.

I am writing this post because I found out that many people are searching for options to download music legally, more so after the warning from the authorities that we will be fined MYR250,000 if we are caught to download illegal material like songs, movies and software.

Anyway, this offer by Rhapsody is only available for residents in the United States. However, even if I live there, I would not be subscribing because I don’t know how easy it is to unsubscribe from the trial. tsk tsk tsk!

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