Free Printable Gift Tags & Cookie Recipes

Image courtesy of Crisco

Christmas is just less than a week away and I am sure many of us are busy wrapping up the gifts. I found this website of Crisco that has a full page of printable gift tags. They are so lovely, I just feel like printing them all out!!! These printable gift tags are suitable for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and also parties.

I think that if you are going to print them out, make sure that you are using good quality printing paper and ink that will not smudge. I use Dura-Brite ink that doesn’t smudge even if the newly printed paper has gotten wet.

On this website, besides these gift tags that you can print out for free as many as you wish (note: all of them have the Crisco logo), you can also find recipes of delicious cookies. Yummy!

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