Win Nokia N810

If you have read one of my posts on UMPC, you would know that I am looking for one but they are currently so expensive that I would feel guilty if I were to buy one. So I thought to myself to check if there’s any contest that is offering a UMPC as a prize. True enough, I came across Forumer's Contest Info: Win Nokia N810 Contest.

I have read though the instructions and I will give you the short of it. Just mention that it is The Forumer’s 4th birthday anywhere on the internet. You can post it on your blog, website, social network boards, forums and just about anywhere and you will have an entry for each site that you posted your message, with the two magic words, Forumerâ„¢ & birthday. Remember to keep the link to your post so that you can enter them into a special contest box.

The good news is that this contest is open worldwide and should you win this sweepstakes, your prize will be shipped to you. So what are you waiting for? Inform the internet world of Forumer’s 4th birthday.

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