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I have always wanted to make my own website but have never found the time for it. This is because I have many sites to take care of and I do not even know how to make a personal website so it will take a long time to set it up as I would have to learn from scratch. Even so, I have already bought my domain name since March, 2007.

Perhaps now that my PageRank has dinged, I will have the time to explore how to set up a personal website. To start my lesson, I relied on the internet again.

I found this website simply called, Make Websites, since that was the keyword I used on the search engine. Anyway, this site is giving a 7-day free trial to build our website. When I checked their registration form for this free trial, they do not require our credit card information, which is good. However, I noticed that we have to use sub-domain for our free trial site. I wonder if we could use our own domain.

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