Expand Your Social Circle With Voice Chat

Some of you may know me as a chronic online chatter. Well, I think it’s a fun way to pass some time and get to know more people and expand my social circle. I have even met some of the people I got to know online and I find that behind the screen, every one is just the same.

The thing that I haven’t tried before is phone chat. Of course, I do exchange phone numbers with the people I met online but any call is bill separately. Besides, I have to make sure that these people can be trusted first before I divulge my personal phone number.

Talk121 is an excellent place for people to indulge in phone chat without extra expenses or share too much personal information. It provides free Chat Lines throughout the United States for free live local area phone chat.

While voice chatting is way more exciting than text chat, to have a middle ground like Talk121 is great as it protects our real identity and information until we are comfortable to share them with another member. Talk121 is a subscription based service but they are currently offering a free trial for a limited time. If you think that you need to be online all the time to enjoy the service, for your information, you can also leave a recorded voice message on the Talk121 system and other members can hear you even though you are offline.

Here is your chance to try out the service for free and test out the system and see if voice chatting to make friends is your cup of tea.

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