(Free) Online Golf Lessons

What a coincidence. A few posts behind, I posted about a free golf tee sample. This morning, I chanced upon free online golf lessons. Well, there is the basic membership where one could still pick up free lessons, and there are premium memberships which come with a whole load of benefits.

Golf is loved by a lot of men in my life but to me, heh, it is rather boring! However, I truly understand why they keep playing with the hope of improving their swing.

Now I can tell them that in the first place, they should learn proper golf swing techniques and what better way to learn it that to learn online from Two-Minute Golf Pro?

As mentioned above, there are different membership levels but I believe, if one is serious about improving his game, then go for premium membership. The highest level is the Blue Tee and it is only $199.95 per year. To me, this is worth every dollar when you get to show off your skills to your buddies. Am I right?

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