Vegetarian Recipes and Much More

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In one of my previous posts, I was talking about going on a vegetarian diet. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon this great website that has a wealth of recipe information on cooking vegetarian dishes. VegCooking, as it is called, also has a TV program, and it has plenty of recipes to help people make a smooth transition to an exclusive vegetarian diet.

While I do not normally have time to cook, when I do take the trouble, I would still want something that is simple to cook and not take up too much time. Checking out sites like VegCooking has helped me to expand my recipe database and it is most useful when I am in the mood to cook.

I may not be a pure vegetarian but there are days when I observe a vegetarian diet and the recipes here sure come in handy.

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6 thoughts on “Vegetarian Recipes and Much More

  1. Randy

    Gotta steal a joke from Jim Gaffigan here:

    “There is the vegetarian hot pocket – for those of us that don’t want to eat meat, but still would like diarrhea”

  2. Randy

    No doubt Cyberpartygal, but I’ve got to confess my comment really had nothing to do with the post… It’s just that after hearing him make that joke during his act once, I always think of it when I hear about anything vegetarian… but the joke is a slam against hot pockets, not against vegetarianism. Basically, he’s saying hot pockets spell guaranteed diarrhea… and hot pockets have now brought that joy to non-meat eaters!

  3. Cyberpartygal Post author

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for your clarification.

    I just checked Wikipedia on the meaning of “Hot Pocket”. There’s nothing like that here in Malaysia. Too bad.

  4. Randy

    Yeah, I guess not everything American has spread yet, and I incorrectly assumed Hot Pockets were known worldwide. Anyway, they really aren’t that bad… like Taco Bell, they’re just the sort of thing everyone has eatten and will eat when they’re being lazy, but they’re worthy of ridicule because you know it’s garbage you’re putting in your body.

  5. Cyberpartygal Post author

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for coming by again! Taci Bell hasn’t reach our shores yet either 😀
    You’re right, fast food IS “garbage”. Try to eat healthy!!

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