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How many of you actually play the Solitaire game that comes with Windows? Well, I do, but only when my internet connection is down. However, after awhile, the game has lost its challenge, so I downloaded various solitaire games to play when I am offline.

But then, I subsequently subscribed to a broadband connection and since then, my computer is almost never offline.

Due to the above, I find it more convenient to just play a game or two now and then without having to download and install a game to the computer. I have actually played Solitaire and other similar card games online but my latest discovery is

What makes playing Solitaire here different is that we get to play against the clock and also against other Solitaire players around the world and there is a hi-score table where members will get to compete in a weekly competition. Games like these are best for people with a competitive streak. It feels good when you are ahead of your competition, if you know what I am saying!

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