Win $7.77 on 07.07.07

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I just came across this contest although it was started on 24th June, 2007. Well, I may be late but these things hardly escape me, especially when it is a chance to win Ca$h. I am sure we all love a little pocket money now and then. So today’s good news I am bringing you is how easy it is for you to win $7.77. You hardly ever need to do anything except to comply to Ryan’s very simple rules.

Ryan, a fellow PayPerPost postie, is running a contest over at his blog,, where seven people who have accumulated the most points at the end of the contest period on 7th July, 2007 at 7:07:07pm EST, will win $7.77. Payment is by PayPal.

Well, you may want to know how you can gain those points. Leave Ryan a comment, blogroll him and/or review his blog. That is all. For further information, you have got to read Ryan’s post on this contest. It’s not exactly rocket science. Anyone with a blog will have a fair shot at that cash! Good luck!

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