What a Mother is Worth

I may not be a mother myself but I am so touched when I came across this video at www.WhatAMotherIsWorth.com that I think all women must watch. Do we really know the worth of a mother? There is no monetary value that we can put to it because it is priceless.

Throughout a woman’s lifetime, she holds many roles and responsibilities from a daughter to sister, wife to mother, companion, friend, provider and many more, all rolled into one huge responsibility.

Women usually tend to look down on our own capabilities and self-worth. We are actually as good as men, if not better. My friend, a guy, always motivates me by telling me that I am very intelligent, just that I never realize it.

I think every body, women in particular, should be reminded that we are very useful people who contribute many things to our family, to the community and the society at large.

Do help to spread the message by sending the link to the video to all the women that you know! I am sure we all need such a boost to our morale once in a while!

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