Motivating Each Other

Image courtesy of Goal Setting 1

You know, sometimes I set so many goals that I lose track of them, and then they fade away without me realising and failing to achieve my targets. I read that in life, we have to set targets for ourselves to hit otherwise life will be so boring. Humans are such that they relish the challenge.

I came across this social networking site called Goal Setting 1 where members register for a free account and then list out their goals. The purpose of this social networking site is of course to expand one’s social network but also to motivate and encourage each other to set goals and meet them.

There are lists of goals that are most active, and also goals that are categorized for easy search. Some people have goals to lose weight; some have a target to save a sum of money a year, or to get a job promotion. Whatever it is, you can list them out and other members will leave you notes of encouragement.

Sometimes people need just that little push to be able to achieve something otherwise they do not have the motivation.

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