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I was invited to Las Vegas by a couple of friends last week. Before I gave them an answer if I could make it, I went online to search for the cost of flights, accommodation, sight seeing and other incidental costs.

I came across MGM Grand, a website of ultimate Las Vegas entertainment, accommodation and not forgetting, gaming!

The website is easy to navigate and information is placed in specific categories so browsing through the website doesn’t take too long. However, when I blog about something, you surely know that I have good news to share.

If you are even thinking of visiting Las Vegas and experiencing Las Vegas entertainment first hand , you must not miss checking out MGM Grand first because there are many coupons, freebies and discounts available that you could use when you go to Las Vegas.

Plus, sign up for their e-mail to receive exclusive offers and promotions. I have already bookmarked this website. How about you??

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