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If you spend as much time online as I do, I am sure you will need a disposable email address. Many times, I signed up with websites for a certain service or to try out something and I end up being spammed. No doubt, some sites ASSURE us of not sending us unsolicited email but not all will hold true their promise.

If you just take a look at my inbox, I am sure you won’t relish spending time everyday just clearing out the junk. What to do, I do not even remember where I signed up for stuff and which companies are sending me mailings, updates and advertisements anymore.

Since I discovered SpamBog, I have stopped receiving new junk. Whenever I am required to provide a valid email address, SpamBog comes to my rescue. SpamBog has a toolbar that we can install on our FireFox browser enabling us to access our SpamBog inbox directly from our toolbar.

SpamBog is not just a disposable email address, of course. With it, you can send, reply, save or print your messages. I love it that we can send out “Failed Delivery” messages to bounce off email from people whom we no longer want to receive mails from! Best of all, this is a FREE service.

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2 thoughts on “SpamBog – Free Disposable Email Address

  1. Kenny

    I use On, when you go the site you are automatically assigned and email address. You don’t even need to press copy. Then, you just paste the email address when you sign up for something and the email is displayed on their site very quickly.

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